A Man Called God

A Man Called God is the award-winning documentary, from the visionary mind of Emmy Award winning Actor, Producer, Writer, Kristoff St. John and directed by Blaxpoitation Icon, Christopher St John, takes you on a journey over thirty years ago when the St John family embarked on a spiritual excursion from Los Angeles, California to Southern India to search for God.


press-feature2Producer Kristoff St. John has a long history of press appearances and relationships based off of his television celebrity. In recent months
A Man Called God has been acknowledged and plugged in both television and print interviews.

Upon release of A Man Called God, the Producers intend to hire a PR firm to insure maximum visibility both traditionally (i.e. TV, radio, print) and virally. The Producers have a relationship and track record with mPRm, the PR firm behind films such as Traffic, Memento, The Ring, Dreamgirls, Brokeback Mountain & Motorcycle Diaries, as well as documentaries such as March of the Penguins and An Inconvenient Truth.

Additionally, the St. John family has a level of celebrity that promises to entice valuable PR opportunities.

Kristoff St. John has a global fanbase, primarily driven by his 24+ years as a star of television’s highest rated soap opera The Young & The Restless. Millions of fans worldwide watch Kristoff on TV on a daily basis and tens of thousands of them consistently reach out to him through social media. His celebrity as a popular daytime actor has enabled him to appear on dozens of mainstream television and radio shows and hundreds of publications. Kristoff’s involvement as a minor with Sai Baba has been addressed and acknowledged previously by the BBC as well.

Christopher St. John has been a well-regarded player in urban cinema since the 60s. His crossover into television over the years has also been substantial. Christopher’s status as a cult icon is what enabled him to garner access to the elusive Sai Baba and document the inner workings of Baba’s ashram on film. That footage, which comprises the documentary A Man Called God, offers an extremely rare, never before seen look into Sai Baba’s secret world.

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